Issue 20 — Spring 2019

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Music & Mary Jane

This is our 20th issue, released on 4/20. Whether you believe it’s science or just pop culture that make music and cannabis such a merry pairing, the two clearly have a symbiotic relationship. Some of the greatest musical minds were stoned while creating some of the greatest musical moments. But in Portland’s music scene, it’s not just big beats and bigger bong rips: Cannabis complements—and improves—the lives of local musicians. Explore the ways music and marijuana intersect in Portland’s music community and beyond.

Issue #20 shows the ways cannabis fits into the lives of local artists, from supplementing their income to playing an impactful role in day-to-day life to pairing Portland’s best musical dispensaries with nearby munchies and listening to the dankest 420-friendly #PDXmusic playlist—spark up and dig in!

Plus discover rising talents Kid Indigo, The Get Ahead, Haley Johnsen and Anna Tivel, explore several local record labels to watch and podcasts to put on your playlist, and learn how to sell out and make money licensing your music.

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