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Whether it’s 4/20 or just Friday, we’ve crowdsourced Portland’s most tokeable tunes from those with the finest taste in cannabis and music. Whether explicitly about bringing a blunt through or just providing the right vibe to spark up a J and chill out, listen to the complete four hours and 20 minutes of this high-flying playlist now.

Tre Redeau: “The Anthem” feat. Manny Monday and Myke Bogan

The name says it all. This pick from Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects has a dope, low-budget video where these three hip-hop heads goof in the backyard getting lit. Now everybody, follow the first rule of this playlist: “When you come through, bring a blunt through.”

The Dandy Warhols: “Ride”

Portland’s most famous potheads might have sillier and more explicit smoking songs, but this old-school jam just feels like the perfect stoner anthem for all you ’90s rockers out there.

Disenchanter: “Green Queen”

All hail this heavy metal pick by Alyssa Herrman of Foto Phortress. “Free your mind if you know what I mean.”

Bart Budwig: “Goliath Got Stoned”

Thank this cosmic country cowboy who hails from from eastern Oregon (Enterprise to be exact) for bringing the Bible to this bake sale. We all know those thin pages make good papers in a pinch.

SIR NAI: “S.W.Y.M. (Say What You Mean)”

A proper vibe track for your smoke sesh, approved by emcee Karma Rivera.

Two Planets: “Quantum Leaps”

Let’s delve a little bit further down this jazzy, psychedelic rabbit hole with a pick from podcaster Dan Cable.

Colin Jenkins: “Get My Weed From You”

Snap outta that spacey haze, “It’s time to dance!” Literally the words Ben DJ and Party Damage Recs founder—said.

Kid Indigo: “Dojah”

Mac Smiff of We Out Here Magazine and The Thesis is clearly a fan. Nod your head to this summery joint.

Tony Ozier and the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars: “Keep The Funk Alive” feat. Bootsy Collins

Through the magic of modern studio technology and (probably) marijuana, Ozier got the legendary rhinestone rockstar on his funky jam. For bonus points, put on Bootsy and Bernie Worrell’s “You Got Me Wide Open” from the Friday soundtrack.

2Reps: “I Just Wanna Smoke”

It’s in the duo’s name: They put Portland on their backs and rep its best—much like DJ Klyph with this pick. Back in 2014, they were clearly repping our city’s finest kush and making accurate statements like: “That’s one thing about Portland: Y’all ain’t got nothing but salmon and white bitches.” The video also pays its respects to NEP rapper Cool Nutz, aka the hood’s Debo who slowly rolls by on his bike, and features a cameo from Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Doggy Dogg: “Gin and Juice” feat. Daz Dillinger

You are now over a half hour into this cannabis-fueled mixtape so just go with the flow here—you’re clearly high and happy so no need to over-analyze this. Besides, this is a classic smoke song and Snoop’s Uncle Reo is likely smokin’ up some soul food over on Sandy right now. Plus, he’s a legendary soul singer in his own right—but that’s a story for another day.

Myke Bogan: “Pickathon” feat. Khary

EYRST producer Neill Von Tally, Dan Cable and DJ Klyph all agree: Myke Bogan is one of our city’s best to get buttered to.

The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally: “Oofda”

Here’s one where you can literally take her entire output, including every track she’s ever been featured on (from Chanti Darling to Anderson .Paak with Snoop), and press play as you light up. Both Bogan and Von Tally have worked extensively with Dodgr (specifically as Rare Treat), but here’s one from the dreary, immersive, multilayered environment that is Bone Music.

Witch Mountain: “Nighthawk”

Follow that up with 14 epic minutes of doom metal with a solid stoney vibe.

Tender Age: “Get High”

From rocket fuel to floating through the skies, enjoy the expansive, soaring feeling imparted by another recommendation from Ben Hubbird.

Siren and the Sea: “Atmosphere”

The title pretty much sums up the synthy ambiance we’ve just entered.

Mickey Taelor: “My Mary Jane” feat. Richard Wright

New to town with a sultry dedication from a few years ago: “I hope we’ll be together for the rest of my life,” says her new city.

Stevo The Weirdo: “Get High” feat. MIKEY VEGAZ, Tope and Blossom

Rap about weed much? “Pretty much anything he releases,” DJ Klyph laughs.

D.O.E: “All Day”

With the official Mac Smiff stamp of approval: “Dude’s got vocals for real.”

Foreign Talks: "Rip It Up Slow"

White boy reggae from the Couve? Yep, catchy shit too.

Slow Corpse: “Blooming”

It’s just a damn fine modern-day slow jam, thanks to Dan Cable.

Maarquii: “SwaampThiinger (Freestyle)”

For all you spooky stoners out there, trip out to this abstract hip-hop—thanks be to Karma Rivera.

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings: “Emmanuel”

This hanging-by-a-thread tale of self-medication is a stark reminder that you can’t fall into the trap of thinking that chemicals are the thing that’ll keep your life humming. Because, at the end of the day...

The Blues Brothers: “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”

Here’s the deal: Oregon bluesman Curtis Salgado was the inspiration for The Blues Brothers. In 1977, John Belushi was hanging around Eugene while filming Animal House, spending nights watching Salgado perform at the Eugene Hotel. Jim Belushi has carried on the musical tradition with Dan Aykroyd, who’s famously said of his partner: “If he’d been a pothead, he’d be alive today.” Marijuana is something his brother continues to explore as a business and a form of treatment as the owner of Belushi’s Farm in southern Oregon. Besides, the message and groove is one we can all get behind.

Get back to reading more stories about the symbiotic relationship between Music & Mary Jane.

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