Thanks to Our Supporters!

To each and everyone one of you who supported our Kickstarter campaign and made the first issue of Vortex Music Magazine a reality!

Adrianna Karp
Alan Mosher
Alex Crick
Allen Ha
Andrea Cunningham
Anne Kutay
Annie Ostrowski of Riot Act Media
Arthur Mosher
Bill Foster of the Northwest Film Center
Brad Creel
Brian Lancaster
Brigitte Dortmund
Bruce Devlin
Cailan Collet
Carolyn Brazil
Casey Sande
Casey Smith
Cathy Nonus
Chad Walsh
Chelsea Gaya
Chelsea Mosher
Chris Disney
Cody Stavig
Colin Black
Corrin Wilkinson
Daniel Work of The Noted
Darren Yondorf
David Gold
Emily Lerman
Erik Dewhurst of Mana Machines
Erin Dooley
Evan Ward
Fletcher Beaudoin
Frank + Kathryn Appice
Frank Stapleton
Futro Records
Giovanni Pandone
Gretchen + Jim Young
Guy Cappiccie
J. Peter Alba
Jack Bohl
Jaime Kenward
James Howbert
Jane + Dave Petersen
Janette Emery
Jared Kennedy
Jason Kaplan
Jason Quigley
Jazzy Vick
Jeff + Kim St. Claire
Jeff Dorgay of TONEAudio Magazine
Jenny Mitchel
Jessica Lansing
Jessica Lorenzen
Jim Friscia
Joe Kuffner
John H. Alcala
Jonathan Frochtzwajg
Jonathan McShane
JonnyX and the Groadies
Joshua Frank
Justin Oswald
Katrina Roth
Keith Chaloux
Kevin Carroll of RadioActive Talk
Kohel Haver of Swider | Haver
Kristin Rosling
Kyle Carnes
Kyle LaFevre
Kyle Winkler
Larry Crane of Jackpot! Recording Studio
Laura Mark
Madison McClintock
Marcus Hecht
Marta + Drew Lewis
Mary Bodie
Matt Harmon of There Is No Mountain
Matt Hensley
Matthew Casebeer
Matthew Moore
Matthew Weerts
Meagan Ruyle
Michael Feldman of the Bridge City Blues Band
Molly King
Nancy Ward
Nannette Wilkinson
Nicole Piech-Gitenstein
Pamela Partington
Paul Dorner
Paula Amato
Paula Fordham
Pegasus Dream
Peter Giese
Philip Graham of Ear Trumpet Labs
Pioneer Games Studio
Prudence Stavig
Rachael Rice
Rachel Critchett
Ranjit Bhaskar
Richard A. Sly
Rob Jones of Jealous Butcher Records
Robinson Eaton
Roddy Jasa
Ron Boesl
Ryan J. Prado
Ryan T. Jacobs of Melville
Samantha + Andy Weerts
Sara Mosher
Sarah Mosher
Scott Gilmore of Just People
Shanead Mueller
Shehan Nattar
Shelly Caldwell
Sign Wizards
Simon Davies
Stefanie Hatcher
Stephen Strausbaugh aka The Incredible Kid
Susan Garber
Tal Caspi
Tamar Berk of Paradise
Tarek Kutay
Terry Currier of Music Millennium
Tiana Laurence
Todd Tate
Tom Thomsen
Toni Hartung
Tony Guntermann
Turner Kirk
Tyler Stone of Sutro
Val + Dori Brown
Valerie Day of Nu Shooz
William Ward

Once again, thank you!

And thank you to the following local businesses, artists and organizations that helped us along the way with rewards and support:

▶  Party Damage Records: Run by two affable advocates for local music—Ben Hubbird + Casey Jarman
▶  PDX Pop Now!: The annual volunteer-run, all-ages #PDXmusic showcase
▶  What The Festival
▶  Northwest Film Center
▶  Sticks & Stones
▶  Holocene
▶  Portland artist Sam Klein
▶  Terry Currier: Venerable Music Millennium owner
▶  Jim Brunberg: Audiophile and Mississippi Studios owner
▶  Sallie Ford: Rockin’ front lady
▶  Skip vonKuske: Experimentalist and founding cellist of The Portland Cello Project
▶  Tope: PRTLND rapper
▶  Natasha Kmeto: Soulful electronic diva
▶  Lewi Longmire: Multi-instrumentalist and Portland’s "go to guy"
▶  Josh Hodges: Original electronic architect of Starfucker
▶  Zia McCabe: Keyboards, tambos and more in The Dandy Warhols
▶  Jose Medeles: Percussionary expert at Revival Drum Shop and in 1939 Ensemble, among others
▶  Bim Ditson: Chain mail jewelry by day, indefatigable concertgoer slash And And And drummer by night
▶  John Sherman: Hits the skins hard for Red Fang
▶  Jared Mees: Tender Loving Empire maestro, musician and all-around nice guy
▶  Kevin Hasenkopf: Videographer extraordinaire behind the camera at v1creative
▶  Krist Krueger: Multi-instrumentalist and producer who runs the indie record label Self Group
▶  XRAY.FM: Portland's newest alum to the airwaves and a progressive station with big ideas
▶  Voodoo Doughnut: PDX's most famous and phallic fried dough purveyors
▶  Guayaki Yerba Mate: NorCal's organic, eco-conscious caffeine boost
▶  Petunia's Pies & Pastries: A beautiful backdrop of gluten-free and vegan treats
▶  The Gaufre Gourmet: Delicious waffles and attentive ears
▶  Sign Wizards: For a sign of support

Thank you all for supporting #PDXmusic.

We are Music, Portland-Style.