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The Vortex Business and Venue Directory is designed to enhance your online presence. We offer a free listing for all local music-related businesses. (Add your business now.) Then, we give you a variety of options priced to meet your needs and make your listing more complete and effective.

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Marketing Products

Enhanced Venue or Business Listing

▶ Showcase your business alongside Portland’s best music venues and businesses
▶ Beyond the free listing provided for all music-related businesses, our packages allow you to add copy about your business, photos and advertising opportunities, including leveraging our social media presence to promote your brand, product or event
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▶ Check out the enhanced listings for Jackpot! Recording Studio and Ear Trumpet Labs


Section sponsor: Your name and logo highlighted next to special sections (Live This Week, Vortex Picks, featured category boxes, newsletter) on the site
Page sponsor: Your name and logo highlighted on specific pages (event calendar, gear review page, media pages—photo gallery, audio or video pages)

Display Advertising

▶ Reach a targeted audience of music consumers
▶ Promote your brand, product or event alongside high-quality journalism
▶ Find out more about print and online advertising opportunities

Email Marketing

▶ Deliver your message or event listing direct to our audience’s inbox Social Media Marketing
▶ Leverage Vortex’s active social media presence to reach your audience
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Sponsored Calendar Listing

▶ Highlight your event in Vortex’s curated event calendar
▶ Listings include guaranteed promotion on social media
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Festival Listing

▶ Showcase your festival on Vortex’s dedicated Northwest Festival Directory page
▶ Maintain up-to-date lineup and ticketing information
▶ Promote your event via social media and email newsletters

Artist and Band Listing

Sign up for a free listing and then enhance it with upcoming gig information or products (albums, merch, etc.)
▶ Further promote your gigs as sponsored listings in Vortex’s curated calendar, including exposure on social media and in email newsletters
▶ Up to 50 percent discounts available for musicians