Issue 24 — Spring 2020

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We are fighting to keep music and journalism thriving in Portland: Join us!We are fighting to keep music and journalism thriving in Portland: Join us!

When The World Goes Dark, Music Is Our Light

In a blink, Covid-19 devastated the music industry. Together, we'll adapt and evolve.

During these times of uncertainty, it's more important than ever to shine a light on information that provides hope and offers perspective beyond overwhelming coronavirus stats. We will continue to tell stories of our #PDXmusic community.

Plus, this issue also features new music from Sir Nai, Isabeau Waia'u Walker, Frankie Simone and Gaytheist as well as the 40th anniversary of Wipers' debut LP Is This Real?

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PS -- This issue also marks our sixth birthday and we were honored to celebrate with some of our favorite #PDXmusic makers. If you missed the live stream, relive the magic of Olivia Awbrey, Typhoon's Kyle Morton, Frankie Simone, Fruition's Jay Cobb Anderson and Lisa Vazquez straight from their living rooms to yours!

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