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Calling all musicians and makers, "Let’s stand together as a united group," says Larry Crane of Jackpot! Recording Studio. Now is our time to disrupt our city’s development in a meaningful way that leaves the future of music brighter—and MusicPortland is your voice, ensuring that music is part of the conversation.

Good things come to those who wait.

Unless you’re a musician, maker or anyone angling to turn a creative endeavor into a career in today’s growing and ever-changing Portland. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, good things come to those who hustle.

It requires no small amount of effort on your part. But the beauty of Portland is that you’re surrounded by a bunch of other go-getter weirdos with wackadoo notions of how their art or inventions will change the world. And you know, with just enough hustle, they can—or at least change your own life and the lives of those around you.

CLICK HERE to join the Vortex Access Party—you'll get a copy of the mag delivered to your door each quarter plus access to exclusive giveaways and prizes!CLICK HERE to join the Vortex Access Party—you'll get a copy of the mag delivered to your door each quarter plus access to exclusive giveaways and prizes!Every issue of Vortex is a testament to those who put music first. This Maker Issue specifically explores those who forge innovative, world-renowned goods with their own two hands, in backyards and basements, growing businesses based on excellence in ideas and craftsmanship. It is dedicated to those who conceive beautiful new visions with their brains—where DIY is define-it-yourself—and then don’t wait for good things to come to them. They get out there and make them happen.

It’s time for all of us in the Portland music scene to take collective action. It’s time to unite, both individual music communities and the music industry. We are all part of a symbiotic ecosystem.

“If we want the Portland music scene to be valued for what it’s actually worth, we have to organize,” says Kyle Morton of Typhoon. “Music cities like Austin and Nashville understand this. Most Portland musicians understand this—they just don’t know where to start.”

The city of Portland will continue to evolve, with or without us. So we’re the ones at the fork in the road; we choose what kind of city we want to live in. Where do we start?

With MusicPortland—a new nonprofit that seeks to represent and advocate for our music scene. And to do so, all players need to stand together with a unified voice. Because this is what those in power—politicians and corporations—listen to. So regardless of genre or age or experience, we must come to the table together.

“We represent a huge part of the economy and unique spirit of this city—let’s make it work for us,” says Chris Benson of Benson Amps.

We know we matter—but we cannot understand the size of our impact without your participation. Calling all artists, makers and business owners, give your input so we can accurately measure our music industry and begin to proactively support and grow it.


Chris Young Editor-In-Chief (and MusicPortland Board Member)

There are plenty of upcoming opps where you can connect with your music community, grow professionally and learn more about MusicPortland—like our free, all-ages Get Paid! panel on Creating, Marketing and Selling Merch at the Doug Fir on Sunday, November 4 or MusicPortland's Monthly Meetup—every first Monday at Kelly’s Olympian. Be there on Monday, November 5 to get updates on initiatives, give your two cents, and share a pint with new and old friends.

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