Behind the Cover: Casso Dinero's Illustration for Issue 25

Cover illustration by Alexander “Casso Dinero” Wright
Words by Mac Smiff

Sounds of My City

Through the Pandemic, Police Violence and Racial Injustice, Black Music Remains Resilient in Portland

Black music is a form of protest.
Black art—in this city, this state, this nation—commodifies pain.
Black existence is a form of expression.

Music is personal. Music is public. Music is healing. Music is a reflection of life.
Music is the point dancing its way through our perception.

Music—like all art—requires inspiration.
Too often, for Black artists, that inspiration is our lives.

Not pictured: Larnell Bruce (19), Andre C. Gladen (36), Daniel Stacey Reynolds (20), Terrell Kyreem Johnson (24), Christopher Kalonji (19), Kevin Lamont Judson (24), Aidan Ellison (19), Kevin Edward Peterson Jr. (21), Omer Ismail Ali (27), Carlos Hunter (43), James Jahar Perez (28), Aaron M. Campbell (25) and so many more

Get more of the Black voices and perspectives that you need to hear in our latest issue.

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