Sarah Wild and the Watch: 'Back Country Nightmare' [Video Premiere]

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As Sarah Wild enters her perfectly gritty, edgy and just a little bit creepy 'Underworld' on her new EP, this heavy Southern rock sound with hints of blues and metal is exactly where she wants to be. Party with her and the boys at the Starday Tavern on January 11!

While Sarah Vitort has been touring the world making catchy, sweet folk music with Fox and Bones, she also has a harder side that’s a bit more country and metal. Welcome Sarah Wild, supported by her band of boys The Watch, back into the fold.

The Southern rocker “Back Country Nightmare” is “inspired by a podcast called Alice Isn’t Dead, in which a woman gets a job at a trucking company so she can search the country for her missing wife, but along the way she discovers a horrifying, supernatural government conspiracy,” Vitort tells. “The writing and performance of the podcast really got my creative juices flowing; I wanted to write a really creepy, backwoodsy song that matched the feel of the podcast, and I really think we accomplished that with the production of the song. It was produced and engineered by Jeanot Lewis-Rolland at JLR Audio Productions, and he really helped us dig into the haunting potential of the track.

Celebrate the release of Sarah Wild and the Watch's new EP 'Underworld' at the Starday Tavern on January 11Celebrate the release of Sarah Wild and the Watch's new EP 'Underworld' at the Starday Tavern on January 11“I feel like the video matches that creepy backwoods vibe perfectly, as it was filmed in various ghost towns in Oregon including Shaniko and Kent and has a desperate, searching and slightly insidious feel to it.”

“Back Country Nightmare” is actually our first snippet of Vitort’s forthcoming EP Underworld, which is due out Friday, January 11. Featuring Everett Carlson on lead guitar, slide and cigar box guitar, Sean Woodcock on rhythm guitar, Aron Schur on bass, and Ian Garner in drums, the six-song album explores “the inner journey, and how facing, understanding and owning your own darkness is a vital part of becoming a complete person,” she says. “Each track is just a little different, but throughout them all there is this edgy, haunting feel that perfectly captures what I imagine a trip through the mythical underworld might feel like.”

A clear evolution from her original 2016 demo under this moniker, “I feel like with Underworld we’re finally making the music I always wanted to make. This was the original vision when I changed my name to Sarah Wild. It’s gritty, edgy and just the right amount of creepy,” Vitort describes. “One thing is for sure, we went really hard on this thing.”

Don’t miss Sarah Wild and the Watch celebrate the release of ‘Underworld’ at a free show with The Shrike at the Starday Tavern on Friday, January 11.

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