Fox and Bones Live from The Rye Room [Video Premiere]

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The latest Rye Room Session features Portland’s Fox and Bones performing “Here.” Don’t miss the pair live at the White Eagle on October 12 to kick off their European tour.

Sarah Vitort, aka Sarah Wild, of Fox and BonesSarah Vitort, aka Sarah Wild, of Fox and BonesWorking together as a creative duo is all about balance. Fox and Bones are one of those duos who have found that balance and are shining within it. A conceptual project founded on the fictional journey of the characters Fox and Bones, they have quickly become a pair to watch in Portland.

It’s that balance: Scott Gilmore’s voice, full of character and color, melds with Sarah Vitort’s warm and expressive vocals. There is an ease and a simplicity to their music, but the complexity of their voices is intriguing. Their tight melodies weave throughout each performance and leave the listener breathless. Vitort and Gilmore have an undeniable chemistry on stage, stealing furtive glances and sometimes locking eyes with an intimacy that showcases how vulnerable they are with one another and their audience.

The song “Here” is an ode of sorts to the way they’ve come together creatively. “The evolution of Fox and Bones has been an adventure and with adventure comes times of joy and hardship,” Gilmore explains. “‘Here’ is our mantra in a way, as the chorus shines, ‘If however we get lost, we'll find each other here.’ For us that means, that however life may take us off our path or create confusion, we can find each other here in the music.”

Scott Gilmore of Just People and Fox and BonesScott Gilmore of Just People and Fox and Bones“We've gotten lots of opportunities to test out that mantra,” Vitort adds, “as we've been on the road for the better part of the last nine months. You really learn so much about yourself and your relationship when you are always on the move, and we've found that music, and each other, are our only constants. And that no matter what happens, music will always keep us grounded and moving forward.”

They certainly are moving forward. Recently signing with indie label Badfoot Records, based out of Nashville and Portland, they are eagerly awaiting the release of a new single on October 6, produced by Domink Schmidt of ROLA Music and engineered and mixed by Matt Greco at The Rye Room. The single, “Love Me Like a River” (which you’ll be able to hear right here on Vortex), will launch them on a European tour over the following 40 days.

It’s been quite the journey for Fox and Bones thus far, and for all those who know and enjoy their electric performances, it’s exciting to see them continually return to each other in the music.

Watch Fox and Bones perform “Here” live from The Rye Room. Then look for another video from The Rye Room Session next week on the studio’s YouTube channel. Catch them live at the White Eagle on Thursday, October 12 when they kick off their European tour.

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