Camp Crush: 'Hold Me Now' [Video Premiere]

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A new year means a new sound—inspired by soaring '80s rock—is here for Camp Crush. They'll debut the new single live at this year's MOGO Music Festival on March 3 at the White Eagle and you can win a pair of tickets here!

As bands grow up, their sound evolves—moving away from the early days, and often simpler songwriting, as they find their true voice. Since summer of 2014, Portland four-piece Santiam—now Camp Crush—have most often been associated with the folk and Americana circles of this city. But 2017 will see them actively push towards the rock and pop music that's been inspiring them—and it all starts with "Hold Me Now."

The new single "is indicative of the evolution of our sound," explains singer and keyboard player Jen Deale. "This year, both our studio releases and our live performances showcase danceable pop melodies with folk-inspired lyricism and indie rock-flavored drums. This new single is just the beginning of that."

"We are weaving together all the things that are important to us about music: strong lyrics, catchy hooks and connection with our audience," she continues. "Working with producer Raymond Richards (Edward Sharpe, Local Natives) was invaluable to the overall quality and vibe of the song. His influence on instrumentation and authenticity in both performance and utilization of vintage synths helped capture our vision for a soaring '80s rock sound."

Recorded at B-Side Studios, the song truly is, as Deale says, "a pivot in direction for Santiam" with Deale's powerful vocals and synth flairs supported by Patrick Tumpane on guitar, Chris Spicer on drums and Nate Purscelley on bass.

And this single, which you can watch the video for below, is just the beginning—it is the first of four new tracks to come in 2017. "We're scheduled to be back in the studio to record the second installment in April!" Deale exclaims.

Until then, Santiam will celebrate the new sound and single release at the MOGO Music Festival with Corner and Karyn Ann with The Colin Trio at the White Eagle on Friday, March 3. Plus, you can hear more new Santiam sounds at the at LaurelThirst on Friday, April 14. But first things first: Leave a comment below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the MOGO show!

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