Camp Crush: 'Fireflies' [Video Premiere]

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Honing their soaring synth sound on the new EP ‘Feel Something,’ celebrate Camp Crush's prolific DIY spirit at the Doug Fir on November 4 with The Slants—playing their final show ever!—and Shy Honey. Wanna win a pair of tickets? Leave a comment below.

Since paring down to a duo, it feels like the husband-and-wife team of Chris Spicer and Jen Deale have really hit their creative stride, continuing to show off Camp Crush’s synth-filled, new wave chops by releasing their second EP of the year on November 1.

“Fireflies,” the lead song from the four-track Feel Something, was recorded at SE Portland's Jackpot! Recording Studio with producer Rian Lewis (DRAM, Chromeo, The Loved, Robin Bacior), and it’s a building dance number that Deale describes as “a synth- and drum-fueled foray into dabbling with more electronic sounds while still crafting meaningful melodies, rhythms and lyrics.”

“As a duo, we wanted to use everything at our fingertips to broaden our sound while staying authentic to who we are as a band,” she continues. “This song is about the push and pull of falling in love. In one moment, you feel and know that you are taking up every inch of space in the other person’s mind and heart, and in the next moment, you’re sure it’s all in your head and you’ve made it all up. Chris and I have so much fun writing songs about our memories [of] falling in love, and then watching those memories turn into a song and then evolve into something bigger than just the two of us, into something more universal.”

Camp Crush will celebrate the release of their new EP ‘Feel Something’ at the Doug Fir on November 4Camp Crush will celebrate the release of their new EP ‘Feel Something’ at the Doug Fir on November 4Working closely with Lewis in the studio, he “really helped us level up the depth of the instrumentation,” Deale tells. “Keeping it to just us three really allowed us to dig in and hone the sound.”

Exploring all the talents they bring to the table themselves has really enabled Camp Crush’s prolific nature of late.

“As always, we try to make everything ourselves!” Deale says. This includes the below video for “Fireflies,” which was “actually filmed in the middle of our living room. The night before, we blew up 200 balloons and brought in our white background and funneled all the balloons on top of it. It was such a fun video shoot, but the static electricity was insane! Chris did all the editing, and really had fun bringing the colors to life and adding some really cool effects.”

Experience the ’80s energy and DIY spirit of Camp Crush when they celebrate the release of ‘Feel Something’ at the Doug Fir on Monday, November 4. Besides dropping their new EP, this a very special final show ever for dance rockers The Slants as well as the live band debut of Shy Honey.

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