Redray Frazier: 'Blood In The Water' [Video Premiere]

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Peep a day in the life of Redray Frazier via the video for the title track from his new record, and then see for yourself what the best days always lead up to: a free live set at the LaurelThirst on December 19.

Photo by Aaron HewittPhoto by Aaron HewittThe sufficiently suave Redray Frazier dropped a gritty, soulful, funky and stylish R&B record in late September, and now he's ready to share the debut video from his sophomore release for the title track: "Blood In The Water."

A collaboration with longtime friend Jov Luke of Novosti and Hymn & Hearse video production, the two gathered a tiny budget and pooled their resources, calling on DJ Klavical for his seafoam green 1967 AMC Ambassador, packing up Frazier's new Reverend guitar, and throwing a backyard barbecue. Luke grabbed a GoPro and "We mapped out a plan," which would take them to iconic spots across town, "and shot a video," Frazier says. With the camera strapped to his chest, "You see everything that I see"—or "see me without seeing me."

As for the new record and its title track: "Blood In The Water is something that I needed to write. I put off getting back into the studio because I felt a real sense of vulnerability whenever I thought about releasing a record, or even a single for that matter. I think I was really worried about the critiquing that might come along with a new release, but something happened—there was a real shift. Through playing the songs live and seeing the development and evolution of these songs, 'Blood In The Water' in particular, I stopped thinking about what anyone might think or say, so I went out and made a record. Now I just really want people to hear the song and watch the video—sort of give folks a small glimpse of what happens through the course of a rehearsal or gig day."

And you can catch Redray Frazier and his full band on their next gig day: Saturday, December 19 at the LaurelThirst Public House rocking a free happy hour set from 6 to 8pm.

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