Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners: 'Spin That Record' [Video Premiere]

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Catch the six-piece Americana outfit before their winter West Coast tour on January 14 at Landmark Saloon or upon their return on February 11 at the LaurelThirst.

Borrowing their favorite parts of America’s rich musical tradition and making it their own, Jacob Miller and Co. blend old jazz, country-blues, jug band swing, and early rock to create their own genre of Pacific Ragtime, also the name of their most recently released full-length record.

The album's closing cut is two and a half minutes of smile-inducing bopping and clapping, and now the six-piece have an equally adorable video to accompany "Spin That Record," starring Miller's 11-year-old stepdaughter, Emerson, frolicking around town on her bike and crate digging.

She "very accurately portrays that childlike wonder that we can all experience when finding and latching on to new music," Miller describes. "And yes, she is a fan of vinyl in real life."

"This song represents a general love for music, old or new; and the process of discovering it," he explains. "We as individuals and a band know that feeling of discovering new music well, and have spent the last year as a group finding new artists and albums that make us feel alive—reshaping our sound to incorporate these styles. Though we've been at this in Portland and beyond for five years, our band feels a new excitement and focus for the music that we are creating that we hope our fans feel too."

Feel all kinds of happy feels just by watching the vid for "Spin That Record" below, and then experience the band's exuberance in the flesh when they warm up for their winter West Coast tour at Landmark Saloon on Saturday, January 14 with Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs or when they return from the road on Saturday, February 11 and share the LaurelThirst stage with Jenny Don't & The Spurs.

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