Dan Cable Presents: Shannon Entropy Live from Mountain Air Studios [Video Premiere]

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Watch Portland’s Shannon Entropy perform “I Can See (The Camping Song)” plus listen to the entire live session and interview with Dan Cable—and then subscribe to the podcast to hear new episodes every Friday.

Photo by Megean McBridePhoto by Megean McBrideShannon Entropy is made up of four high school friends from Yakima, Wash., who had been playing music together, but the group wasn't complete until they all ended up in Portland and found their singer David Hickey on SoundCloud. The band’s collective attitude seems to gel the whole thing together, contributing to many different aspects of the production and creation of their tunes.

"It's just like bring colors to the table and everyone gets to paint," Hickey describes.

The band recently put out their second release and first full-length effort titled Out There Ideas. The record finds Shannon Entropy continuing on their journey to push the boundaries of where they can be defined genre-wise while still maintaining a sound that can be recognized as familiar and their own.

"David brings the classical side, cause he's classically trained and has a degree in music,” drummer Kevin Wilbanks says. “And we're kind of the zero structure type thing. A lot of us are self-taught and we just don't have that formal background, and I think those two strengths play well together and result in a lot of genre-bending music."

Their collaborative process allows them to explore a lot of different ideas while finding creative ways to weave in and out of traditional songwriting structures. With prog feels and instrumental breaks that create a spacey atmosphere, you’re often left feeling as if you’re trapped in a sci-fi film.


I Can See (The Camping Song)
I Miss My Monkey

Check out the video for “I Can See (The Camping Song)” below—plus hear the entire live session and interview—and get more Dan Cable Presents every Friday by subscribing via iTunes.

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