Camp Crush: 'Take Me Back' [Video Premiere]

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Formerly Santiam, the four-piece are leaving Americana behind and embracing inspirations from the '80s. Check out their new horn-filled, anthemic single now before catching their first show as Camp Crush on June 2 at The Secret Society.

In February, we took a minute to premiere a new track and a new sound from folk act Santiam. Inspired by soaring '80s rock, "Hold Me Now" was definitely a new direction for Jen Deale (keys), Chris Spicer (drums) and Nate Purscelley (bass).

And now with Chandler Strutz of Just Lions on guitar, the group are proudly proclaiming that they're leaving Americana behind, rechristening themselves Camp Crush, "and charging into the future with newfound direction and inspiration," Deale says.

“Our band’s sound and the songs we were writing evolved to a point where we couldn’t call ourselves folk anymore,” she explains. Her singer-songwriter background means there will always be folk elements to the music she pens, but “The music we’re finding really inspiring these days is from our musical roots. Influences like Duran Duran, The Cure and Blondie are coming through loud and strong in our new set—and we wanted to follow the inspiration.”

Unveiling Camp Crush at The Secret Society on Friday, June 2, the four-piece will also celebrate the release of their new single, "Take Me Back"—a reflection on the presidential election and Deale's reaction to the current state of politics.

“After the election, I realized how thick my bubble was and it felt like the bubble popped overnight," Deale describes.

Singing, "Take me back, I was so much better then," Deale selfishly wishes for yesterdays, "that things could go back to the way they were," she says. "This song was an emotive response to that [the election] and it was a also a call to action to myself, to remember that every single one of us can make a difference right where we are.” And to close out the song, she chants: "Love is the backdrop for the revolution."

Don't miss Camp Crush's first show—where they'll roll out their new name, sound and merch!—at The Secret Society on Friday, June 2!

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