Three For Silver at Al's Den on Sept. 21, 2014

Words by Kris White

You can find amazing things underneath the streets of downtown Portland. One of those treasures is McMenamins' Al's Den, tucked under Ringlers Annex on West Burnside, where musicians host week-long residencies. This week's residency materializes in the form of Three For Silver. An alchemy, as their name suggests, Three For Silver is comprised of formidable musicians who gracefully let their beauty seep out through song. 

As Lisa Lepine, posted on the Facebook event page:

"When is the last time you were at a show where the listeners in the crowd sprang to their feet at the end of a song or a solo? Al's Den felt like an old-world jazz club tonight with the audience riveted on every nuance of the musicianship, hypnotized by the lead vocals, and transported by the sheer Hot Club-esque brilliance. The three-person Three for Silver sets were exquisitely balanced by the six-person Three for Silver band set. Bravo!"

These Portlander's music is delicate and powerful, dark and light, reserved and full-throttled. Last night, those in attendance had the pleasure of seeing Three For Silver's "big band edition," which adds bass clarinet, toy piano and drums to the normal trio version of bass banjo, accordion and violin.

So what's it all sound like? Maybe Tin Hat meets Man Man after having spent an evening drinking and collaborating with Yann Tiersen. As their residency continues, a different local guest artist will sit in with the band each night at Al's Den so you'll have plenty of chances this week to check it out for yourself—music starts at 7pm plus it's all free!

Sunday, Sept. 21: Three For Silver Big Band Edition
Monday, Sept. 22: 3 Leg Torso
Tuesday, Sept. 23: Inspirational Beets (free balloon animals for everyone)
Wednesday, Sept. 24: Ashleigh Flynn
Thursday, Sept. 25: Patti King (of Radiation City)
Friday, Sept. 26: Boy And Bean
Saturday, Sept. 27: Nathan Junior (debuting new material)

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