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Click to get back to reading the current issue! Cover illustration by Showdeer.Click to get back to reading the current issue! Cover illustration by Showdeer."Ev, ev, ev, ev, everything,” howls John Craigie before finishing the thought: “Everything is fucked.” Laughter and cheers roar through the sold-out Doug Fir as he blows into his harmonica and strums his acoustic guitar.

“I’m sorry, that’s no way to start a show—let me try again.” Amending the opening lines to the first song of his set on this December evening (hear this song below and see photos from the show here), he continues, “Most, most, most, most things are fucked, but don’t give up on me now.”

Don’t worry, Craigie. We’re not. We’re staying right here and making the most of our circumstances. We’re facing the challenges head on and turning them into opportunities—just like so many artists do so eloquently every single day.

Musicians have long given a voice to the oppressed and shed light on ignored issues, consistently speaking out in ways that resonate deeper and longer than any presidential term.

So while most things may be fucked, not everything is. There’s plenty of hope in 2017 and here are some reasons to look forward to it:

▶ New in #PDXmusic

It’s exciting to see more distinctive voices emerge in Portland’s rich music scene and watch these talents draw more willing participants—outsiders and insiders—into the fray. Smoothly produced pop exists alongside jagged punk rock while yet another standout surfaces in the PDX hip-hop world. We believe that Those Willows, Turtlenecked and ROBy are on the rise, so do yourself a favor and hear the Rose City’s hottest new music now!

▶ Next in #PDXmusic

Start the year off right with four hotly anticipated local releases—from earnest storytelling to anomalous hip-hop and retro-modern rock to sexy, smooth R&B.

Shy Girls' Passionate, Organic R&B Debut

Sallie Ford's Soul-Searching Retro-Modern Rock

The Last Artful, Dodgr and Neill Von Tally's Visionary Narrative Hip-Hop

John Craigie's Storytelling Folk Songs

Hope in the Aftermath

Looking to our artists, we can find inspiration in the sounds of new #PDXmusic—from pop to hip-hop to the protest song—and come together as a community at concerts. It’s up to us to make this year better than last.

▶ Protest Music in Portland

Portland musicians embrace the challenge of making important political music.

Find your copy around town to read now!Find your copy around town to read now!

▶ Live in #PDXmusic

Come together, right now: Get out, gather with your community, and take part in the music that reflects the culture and messages you’d like to see prosper in our world. Visit our curated concert calendar to find daily Show Picks by Vortex staff and read about a few upcoming highlights below.

Can’t-Miss Festivals!

MOGO Music Festival: March 3 and 4 at various venues

Soul'd Out Music Festival: April 19 to 23 at various venues

Find our full festival calendar here!

And Concert Picks!

Experience Hendrix Tour: Friday, February 17 at the Schnitz and Monday, February 20 at Eugene's Hult Center

▶ Siren and the Sea: February 17 to 25 at Action/Adventure Theatre

▶ Jackpot! Recording Studio's 20th Anniversary Celebration: Friday, February 24 at The Secret Society

▶ Old School Music Festival and Sleepover: March 4 and 5 at Willamina's West Valley Community Campus

▶ STRFKR: Saturday, March 25 at Roseland Theater

▶ Radiohead: Sunday, April 9 at Moda Center

Find our full concert calendar here!

What else is there to look forward to in 2017? Find out in the current issue of Vortex.

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