Voodoo Doughnut Takes You Back to 1993: Hear Crackerbash 'Live at The X-Ray Cafe' [Song Premiere]

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Back with another remastered live recording from Portland's legendary '90s, get your first taste of the new-old Crackerbash EP and then get the rest on vinyl on November 20.

Artwork by Mike KingArtwork by Mike KingLet’s take a trip back to 1993 again with Voodoo Doughnut Recordings, this time to the little live music bastion on West Burnside that was the all-ages X-Ray Cafe, where on June 6 you would’ve found the three-piece Crackerbash helming the stage and offering up punky, poppy rockers and ballads, all of which are exemplified on the second installment of Voodoo’s archival recording series, Tales from the Grease Trap—listen to the first salvo: Dead Moon Live at Satyricon.

Featuring Sean Croghan on guitar and vocals, Scott Fox on bass and Teddy Miller on drums, the unearthed four tracks were originally recorded by Dean Fletcher, more recently mixed and mastered from the original eight-track recording by legendary punk and hardcore producer Don Fury, and only 300 of ‘em will be pressed and available in 12-inch EP form (with fresh hand-drawn artwork by Mike King, a former bandmate of Croghan’s in Hellcows) on November 20—or just in time for Record Store Day.

Until then, listen to Crackerbash’s “Hollow” ‘Live at The X-Ray Cafe’ below, and look forward to an archival recording from The Dandy Warhols in 2016.

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