Voodoo Doughnut Takes You Back to 1993: Hear Dead Moon 'Live at Satyricon' [Song Premiere]

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Get your first taste of a remastered live recording from Portland's legendary '90s with nine minutes of "Dead Moon Night" and “Don’t Burn The Fires,” and then get the rest on vinyl at this year’s Record Store Day.

When Voodoo Doughnut Recordings launched in 2013, it specialized in limited-edition, doughnut-related seven inches. After releasing a year’s worth of 45s that “enhance global doughnut awareness,” 2015 marks a new era for the fried dough purveyors with the release of Tales From The Grease Trap Volume 1: Dead Moon Live at Satyricon.

“Now specializing in remastered live recordings from Portland's legendary ‘90s,” says label head Jay Rubin, Voodoo Doughnut Recordings is offering a taste of its first full-length album in the form of nine minutes of fiery punk rock from local legends Dead Moon. 

Live from the defunct and demolished rock club Satyricon, the early ‘90s recording features the “husband-and-wife team of Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively, and Andrew Loomis on drums,” Rubin says, and “the recording, from a single performance at Portland's revered Satyricon on April 16, 1993, captures Dead Moon at the peak of their bone-crunching powers. The audio, originally captured on an eight-channel analog cassette tape, was mixed and mastered in late 2014 by New York punk and hardcore producer Don Fury. The result is a fully functional time machine back to the most gritty and dangerous-sounding days of Portland punk rock.”

Almost 22 years to the date, Dead Moon Live at Satyricon is due out on Record Store Day—Saturday, April 18—and is the first release from the label’s “extensive archive of live recordings from Portland's heady early '90s,” Rubin says, a time when Northwest icons like Nirvana and the Melvins, The Dandy Warhols and Everclear, The Wipers and Poison Idea (and even Dave Grohl’s first Foo Fighters show following Kurt Cobain’s suicide) graced the stage of a dingy, sweaty, hole-in-the-wall punk venue like Satyricon, which fit a mere 260 people. 

Imagine how delicious I'll be on a doughnutImagine how delicious I'll be on a doughnutWhile you can scoot down to many indie record stores on RSD (as well as any Voodoo location) to score this live recording, Fred and Toody Cole will be performing live at Music Millennium at 8pm. That same day, “Voodoo Doughnut will also begin offering a Dead Moon doughnut featuring the band's infamous white-on-black (read: vanilla on chocolate) logo,” Rubin reveals. Plus, he says, “Fans can also pre-order the release beginning on March 17 at VDR's online store.”

“Although nothing is confirmed at this time,” Rubin says, “future releases from the VDR early '90s archive could include recordings by bands such as Crackerbash, Hazel, the New Bad Things, Bikini Kill and—drum roll please—more Dead Moon!”

Until then, here's Dead Moon live from '93 with "Dead Moon Night" and “Don’t Burn The Fires.”

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