Human: 'Favor' [Song Premiere]

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In advance of a heavy evening at The Liquor Store on October 12, the angsty metal three-piece offers up a brand new, yet longtime in the works, track for your ears.

Human has been making scuzzy, angsty metal music since sometime in 2014, steadily dropping nuggets of their thrashy, punky fare onto Bandcamp in between shows at many of the city's bastions of heavy music, like The Know, Twilight Cafe, The Analog and Hawthorne Theatre.

With Jake Ford on vocals and guitar, Shane Paul Crossley on drums, and Ryan J. Prado on bass (full disclosure: Prado is a regular contributor to Vortex), the band has offered up one of their newest recordings (but a Human oldie) in advance of what's to be a loud, experimental evening at The Liquor Store on Wednesday, October 12 when fellow locals U SCO and Loveboys join the three-piece.

'Favor' single art—listen below'Favor' single art—listen below"'Favor' was the first song written as the band Human," Ford explains. "The song was intended to slowly pull the listener along through a droning soundscape of dissonance. All this timeless floating crashes against a sudden wall of major chords as the lyrics—'Sleep, you need rest. You have to look believable..."—begin to tell the story of a religious manipulator coming to terms with the destruction they impose onto the world. 'Favor' is a song of hope; hope that humans need only the urge of an existential crisis to push them into helping, rather than hurting one another."

Come find shreds of hope in the heaviness of an evening of local, exploratory metal, punk and avant garde rock at The Liquor Store on Wednesday, October 12.

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