Dan Cable Presents: Maxwell Cabana Live from The Hallowed Halls [Video Premiere]

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Watch Portland’s Maxwell Cabana perform “Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)” plus listen to the entire live session and interview with Dan Cable—and then subscribe to the podcast to hear new episodes every Friday. And don't miss 'em rock The Smoke Out—a 4/20 celebration—at Mississippi Pizza on April 20.

Maxwell Cabana bring a fresh take to R&B music, integrating funky, psychedelic grooves with infectious hooks and soulful vocals. Although the central concepts seem to stem from the songwriting of their frontman, guitarist and lead vocalist Murray McCulloch, the band’s ability to collaborate and spitfire ideas with one another creates a magic and comradery, providing a collective mindset that facilitates the exploration of different dynamics in the recording studio and live setting.

On their most recent release—and first full-length effort Nothing Changed—you can hear the group’s ability to blend many different genres of music, starting with the record’s very first track, “Final Call.” Immediately introducing both comfortable and intricate rhythms, tasty horns, spacey guitars, and McCulloch’s smooth voice, which is a perfect match for any beat, the record also exemplifies their ear for trimming the fat of the band’s sometimes complex ideas while never losing sight of the feel of the song.

In the live setting, the band is more inclined to eliminate some of their structured songwriting, just letting things flow amongst more improvised jamming. It quickly becomes transparent how much fun the band is having in the moment, which is transferred to the crowd in front of them seeing as audiences seem to latch on to the grooves and fall into the moment with the band.

Brothers Jamison (drums) and Sean Higgins (bass) make up a rhythm section that is undeniable with a musical dynamic clearly forged in blood, and their anticipation for where one another is at, at all times, appears to be second nature. Noah Puggarana is the band’s most recent addition, adding his classically trained jazz chops on keys and synths. Puggarana not only adds depth to the band’s compositions but is also well versed on vibes and the talk box, giving certain tunes an extra flare.

There’s a clear chemistry in the band. They are all about love, and their music will make you feel it. You will not be disappointed if you go see Maxwell Cabana live; you’ll only be disappointed that you didn’t find out about them sooner.


Something I Should Know
Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)
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Check out the live video for “Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)” below—plus hear the entire live session and interview—and get more Dan Cable Presents every Friday by subscribing via iTunes. Catch Maxwell Cabana at The Smoke Out—a 4/20 celebration—at Mississippi Pizza on Friday, April 20.

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