Dan Cable Presents: Blossom Live from Mountain Air Studios [Video Premiere]

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Watch Portland’s Blossom perform “Love's Comin' At Ya” plus listen to the entire live session and interview with Dan Cable—and then subscribe to the podcast to hear new episodes every Friday. Don't miss her opening for Oddisee at the Hawthorne Theatre on May 10!

Blossom at Mississippi Studios on March 15—click to see more photos by Jason QuigleyBlossom at Mississippi Studios on March 15—click to see more photos by Jason QuigleyIt’s hard to not smile and feel the warmth of Blossom while you are in her presence. The singer, who once found herself in a struggle with stage fright, is on the verge of dropping two albums this year, and she is determined to use her voice as an artist to spread a message of positivity and good vibes, as well as explore her emotions.

“Somebody’s gotta be responsible for the positivity and I volunteer as tribute,” Blossom says.

Blossom’s eclectic sound derives from growing up in a musical family. Her vocal approach is dynamic in the sense that it does not shy away from exploring many different genres including R&B, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music, while her Trinidadian and Tobagonian roots seem to always show their face in the production of the percussion in her tunes (much thanks to producer Neill Von Tally of EYRST).

“I grew up on that very heavily and I am trained to have an ear to hear that. I never realized how automatic that vibe was until I started writing music,” she says.

Striving to be a complete artist, Blossom is not only interested in being involved in the production of her music, but also the aesthetic of the art, immersing herself in the fashion, visuals and artwork that go with her sound. The further she seems to dig in, the more creativity she seems to gain. And the music just flows through her in her live performance: Her smoothness is infectious and she is captivating in every aspect. Stay tuned for new records with producers Neill Von Tally and HOT16 of Portland’s Liquid Beat Records.


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Love's Comin' At Ya
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Check out the video for “Love's Comin' At Ya” (a cover of Melba Moore's 1982 post-disco funk jam) below—plus hear the entire live session and interview—and get more Dan Cable Presents every Friday by subscribing via iTunes. And don't miss Blossom live at the Hawthorne Theatre opening for Oddisee on Wednesday, May 10.

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