Blossom Brings The 'Sass,' A Sultry Tease from Neill Von Tally and EYRST [Video Premiere]

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Delivering a confident helping of 'Sass' in less than 90 seconds, the latest offering from EYRST sends a strong message to women while teasing what's to come from the label.

Local hip-hop and future soul producer Neill Von Tally has been busy unleashing a slew of hotness in small snippets that'll leave you salivating for more. The latest from the man on a musical mission was a short split single at the end of last year for rising R&B songstress Blossom. Clocking in at under four minutes, the two-track EP now has an equally swift video for the lead-off single "Sass."

"As soon as I heard the 'Sass' instrumental I was hooked," says Blossom of the Latin-tinged, jazzed-up sample. "It gave me energy and really wrote itself."

The lyrically conscious diva originally from Trinidad and Tobago is just starting to brim with confidence, both on record and stage (which she exuded during her recent performance at Girl Fest NW), and Sass is no exception.

Blossom at Girl Fest NW on January 10, 2016—click to see more photos by Tojo AndrianarivoBlossom at Girl Fest NW on January 10, 2016—click to see more photos by Tojo Andrianarivo"I wrote 'Sass' to remind myself of my worth. What I am. What I can do. Of the unlimited possibilities that live inside me and every woman. In the video, I have some wonderfully strong and confident women with me delivering the message and our vision of what it means to have sass," she explains.

Von Tally and his label EYRST, founded in 2014 with ex-Blazer and rapper Martell Webster (and which has racked up a stacked roster featuring Myke Bogan, Epp, Calvin Valentine and The Last Artful, Dodgr), are simply whetting appetites with small plates like this before the buffet that EYRST has planned in 2016.

As for Blossom, she "just finished the second half of the Sass EP, which will be dropping next month! It's called Waves. I'm also writing an album with the fab guys over at Liquid Beat Records—Dan Kinto and Matt Nelkin—which should be out this summer!"

Listen to the other, equally brief, half of Blossom's 'Sass' EP below—a cut featuring The Last Artful, Dodgr—and catch the woman in the flesh on Saturday, January 30 rocking both the Portland International Auto Show with 503 Motoring and a free set at Killingsworth Dynasty with EYRST teammate Ripley Snell.

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