Band of Comerados Live In the Hollow with Shady Pines Media [Video Premiere]

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In collaboration with Shady Pines Media, watch the acoustic four-piece share a warm tale and then catch them at the White Eagle with The Van Rontens on December 28.

Walking in the shoes of a professional singer, Band of Comerados take a look at the timeless struggle of nature versus nurture in their warm, elegant folk song "Where Was The Love?" In it, the protagonist's heart has grown dark and cold over time. His feelings could be due to his position in life and the lifestyle he has chosen—traveling as a vagabond, seeking the happiness and love he once had but only finding temporary love while constantly asking the question of where the love in his heart truly came from.

This is a question bigger than just the singer, though: It's a human question, and the answer is that the long, hard days and paths that we endure are what make us who we are, with or without love.

For the video, the band enlisted the help of Shady Pines Media, who wove together a beautiful piece of videography with a setting around a fire. Each cut scene that features the fire provides another layer to the song and gives the meaning of the lyrics a chance to sink deeper into the mandolin-heavy sound.

After a masterful acoustic jam scene in front of the fireplace, the song leads us back into the story, urging you to share the love that you do have in your heart, even when it may not be a lot. It challenges us to not let either nature or nurture dominate what defines who we are as people, and to let the love we can share shine through like the coals of a flame.

Warm up to Band of Comerados when they share the White Eagle stage with The Van Rontens on Friday, December 28.

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