Who is Yur Daddy?

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Perennial favorites at the Oregon Brewers Festival, Yur Daddy is ready to release their latest album, 'Alive.' Check them out at their release show on January 13 at the White Eagle.

Many Gen Xers and Millennials grew up without strong father figures, forcing generations of Americans to ask, “Who is my daddy?” This unanswered question has left millions without the ability to play catch, ride a bicycle or shave properly. Fortunately, on Friday, January 13 at the White Eagle Saloon, Portlanders Yarley Nystrom, Julian Munske, Sky Stewart, Jackie Madsen and Matt Stump will once and for all solve this mystery. At their album release show, for all the world to see, they will rock out as… Yur Daddy.

For the past four years, I’ve emceed the Oregon Brewers Festival, and each year I’ve had the pleasure to introduce Yur Daddy to the throngs of Portland’s finest drunks. Perhaps it’s been the ideal Oregonian day buzz with funk-inspired beats. Perhaps Yur Daddy goes with beer like Willie Nelson goes with cheeba.

Now it’s time for Yur Daddy to come back home from buying cigarettes, to come back to the indoor venue circuit with their latest album, Alive. If the new material is anything like their old jams, I guarantee some serious rock and roll.

Yur Daddy is the lack of pretension mixed with reggae-infused rock and upbeat, positive energy. Four words, folks: Feel Good Party Music. These guys not only put on a good show, but they’re fun to be around—the way we wish our fathers were.

So fret not, my fellow Portlanders. Let us forgive the absence of masculine energy growing up. Let us brush aside our father issues and void of self-confidence. Let us come together and party. For this weekend we drink, dance and get down with Yur Daddy.

Don't miss Yur Daddy celebrate the release of their new record on Friday, January 13 at the White Eagle Saloon with Conscious Nest.

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