Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country: 'The STD Song' [Song Premiere]

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A cast of Portland actors and musicians have created an original outlaw-country musical about a sexually frustrated cowgirl looking for a good time. Premiering at the Imago Theatre from Sept. 21 through Oct. 13, don't miss your chance to ride this pony—and maybe even win a pair of tickets here!

Amanda Richards aka Whiskey WilliamsAmanda Richards aka Whiskey Williams"Over the years, I've written a small collection of dirty country songs that I would sing to late-night bar crowds and at burlesque shows," tells Grammy-nominated songwriter Amanda Richards. "These songs were the inspiration to write the script for Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country and the seven new raunchy songs that followed."

Some of those ditties include tales of "Poor Personal Hygiene," sexual frustration on "Come Too Quick" or innuendo on "Save a Cow, Eat a Cowgirl"—all of which can be heard during the world premiere of Richards' new original musical at the Imago Theatre every weekend from September 21 through October 13. Richards herself plays the main character, Whiskey Williams, "a voluptuous vixen who beats off the demons of her past through humor and radical honesty."

One such virtuous nugget includes "The STD Song," which "was inspired by an old housemate who was particularly exuberant in his lovemaking style, frequency and diversity," Richards explains. "We use it in the play to educate the character Jerry about the hazards of unprotected sex."

Leave a comment below and you just might score yourself a pair of tickets!Leave a comment below and you just might score yourself a pair of tickets!And while there's nothing as carnal as experiencing a musical in the flesh, Richards shares that the majority of the "songs from the soundtrack have been recorded and will be officially released in the spring of 2019. However, we will be offering a premature release of the album to folks who are able to attend one of the performances. These albums are limited editions so supplies will be very limited."

Produced by Steve Moore and Richards, the songs were recorded at SE Portland's The Hallowed Halls by engineer Justin Phelps, and the band featured Christine McAllister on bass, Jesse Cunningham on the Telecaster, Mark Powers drums, and many other guest appearances "by some incredibly famous and talented artists who didn't want their names associated with this project in any way," Richards jokes. Moore himself contributed lap steel, dobro, percussion, lead and background vocals, and general musical direction. "I am forever grateful to him for his hard work to make this happen while I worked on the production of the musical itself."

Speaking of which, Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country is directed by Serah Pope, and Richards points out that the entire production is written, directed and crewed entirely by women—all who can't wait to poke fun at sexual taboos and hot topics "and playfully navigate the currents of the present-day American patriarchy while encouraging audiences to seize the day and 'Grab Life by the Pussy.'"

Clearly 'Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country' is not for those who are easily offended, but for everyone else seeking an irreverent laugh, do not miss performances every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Imago Theatre from September 21 through October 13. Leave a comment below and you just might score yourself a pair of tickets!

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