Watch Boone Howard Go Solo for Banana Stand Media's Unpeeled Session [Video Premiere]

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Get personal with Boone Howard as he performs "Eat It Dog" from his debut solo record in advance of his release show at Mississippi Studios on May 16.

“I almost never play the songs solo, without my bandmates,” singer-songwriter Boone Howard says. These days the former We Shared Milk frontman’s live band includes members of The Domestics and Minden as well as his old pals and bandmates from The We Shared Milk. But for Banana Stand Media’s intimate Unpeeled Session, Howard had to go it alone.

“‘Eat It Dog’ was written as a self-evaluation based on some destructive thoughts and behaviors I was exhibiting when I was writing the album,” he tells. “It displays a desperate kind of bravado, with the cracks in my charade showing. Some lyrics were taken from things I was expressing to friends and loved ones at the time, though I knew they were actually false. It is still painful to sing and I get pretty worked up playing it live. It exists as a reminder of a version of me I'd like not to revisit.”

'The Other Side of Town' drops May 12 on Good Behavior Records'The Other Side of Town' drops May 12 on Good Behavior RecordsWhile Howard continues to work hard to further himself from that former state, the reminder “was refreshing to relearn, as I've rarely played it alone since its conception,” he says. “This one was recorded in one take because it was starting to rain on the camera.”

Up next, Howard will release his debut solo album, The Other Side of Town (which was “mostly recorded at Flora Recording & Playback in Portland, with a lot of guest appearances from all my friends that ended up in the resulting live band,” he tells), on May 12 via Good Behavior Records.

And you can celebrate its release at Mississippi Studios on Tuesday, May 16 when Boone Howard shares the stage with inventive rockers Kelli Schaefer and Ghost Frog.

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