The Noted: 'The Moon Is Rising' [Song Premiere]

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Summoning up Jeff Lynne and Brian Wilson, listen to a new track by The Noted and then celebrate the CD's release at Music Millennium on October 18.

In 2010, a group of longtime musicians and friends came together to write music inspired by the pop and rock of their youth as well as contemporary influences—from Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello to The Fray and Train. The songs poured out and before they knew it, The Noted had a record.

Now in 2015, the five-piece have honed their songwriting output and are back with a second effort, Not Far Away, featuring eight original, well-crafted soft rock tracks. With him and her vocals intertwined throughout, it's a modern rock record "filled with thoughtful songs about love, life and you," says Daniel Work, who provides lead vocals, keys, guitar and songwriting duties on the new release. Supported by Jeff Koch (electric and acoustic lead and rhythm guitars), Mike Snyder (drums, percussion), John Dwyer (bass, backing vocals), and Angela Baldino (lead vocals, keys, percussion), Not Far Away was entirely produced, written and recorded by the band and released on Work's own label, SmileyNote Studios.

While physical copies of the new album are available this Friday, October 9, Work and Co. would like you to hear what he calls the record's "sleeper track," one "that will end up being many folks favorite after a few listens."

“The Moon Is Rising” is "the kind of song that you soak up overtime and becomes a part of your soul," Work explains. "The music is very hopeful, forward-looking and optimistic, while the lyrics are a bit sad, reflective and uncertain—a lot like I imagine many people feel sometimes. The ideas were triggered by a sense of time passing so quickly and the pain I knew someone was feeling going through a terrible breakup."

Sonically, the song came together very organically before being given a final mix by Steve Savage, a seven-time Grammy-nominated engineer and "an integral part of our team," Work says, who provides "a valued set of fresh, tell it like it is, honest ears."

"We’ve been told we summoned up some Jeff Lynne vibes, as well as Brian Wilson," Work says. "Nice thoughts but it’s just us, The Noted."

"At live shows, this song always speaks to the audience and has us beaming ear to ear as the song evolves, coming to life musically speaking," Work describes.

Catch it live for yourself when the band celebrates their new CD's release at Music Millennium on Sunday, October 18 at 2pm with an in-store performance. Until then, you can also check out the video for the new song "Eye To Eye" below.

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