The Colin Trio Live from The Rye Room [Video Premiere]

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The latest Rye Room Session features The Colin Trio performing “Simple Sweet Somethin.” Catch them live at Willamina's Wildwood Hotel on April 28 or in Portland at The O'Neill Public House on June 29.

“What kind of music do you play?”

No matter how innocent that question, for Colin Hogan, frontwoman of The Colin Trio, it just feels loaded.

“I always dread the question,” Hogan says. “[It’s] the music that pours out of my heart... the music that makes me feel all the blood coursing through my veins, the music that makes me feel timeless, like I'm a soul that's been around through thousands of lifetimes and these songs are my reflection of connecting with thousands of lifetimes of people and love and heartache and compassion and will and struggle and dreams… I think the music that I'm drawn to is passionate, sassy, deep and moving, and that's what I'm after when I write—those elements of emotion, power, freedom, movement...”

Hogan’s passion for her own brand of soulful blues rock reverberates throughout her statement and her performance. For Hogan, the music is so much more than sound and song.

But let’s not overlook sound.

Hogan’s rich, sensual vocals add layers of warmth and elements of soul to the group's music, while Brian Link on bass, Matt Ramsdell on drums and percussion, and John Dover on trumpet create the jazzy, country blues elements that will transport the listener to a humid, summer night in the South.

Hogan, Link and Ramsdell all originally hail from the South but now call Portland their home. You might see them out and about in town supplying the rhythm section for other Portland artists (like Karyn Ann), and they hope to record a follow-up album to their 2016 release, Tightening the Wire, soon.

Watch The Colin Trio perform “Simple Sweet Somethin” live from The Rye Room below. Then don’t miss the second video from this Rye Room Session next week on the studio’s YouTube channel. Catch The Colin Trio live at Willamina's Wildwood Hotel on Saturday, April 28 or in Portland at The O'Neill Public House on Friday, June 29.

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