Stoneface Honey: 'Beguiled' [Video Premiere]

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Full of personal stories "about how we relate to one another," Stoneface Honey radiates "pure, simple love fighting to stay alive in a world full of judgment" on the lead single from their new record, which you can get at the record release show at The Secret Society on November 4 as part of this year's Siren Nation fest.

"'Beguiled' is about forbidden love, inspired by my love for an amazing woman and my inability to commit to a relationship with her because I wasn't ready to deal with the social stigma that comes with holding another woman's hand in public. This song is my contribution to the gay rights movement,” explains Angie Kopshy, singer and leader of Portland-based roots rock four-piece Stoneface Honey.

As the song was quickly becoming the lead single to her band's new record Long Time Waiting, "I went to Uganda with 'Beguiled' stuck in my head," Kopshy describes. "While there, I met a wonderful, incredibly sensitive young man. He asked how we, the U.S., could call ourselves Christians when we allowed homosexuals to get married. I could see how sincere he was and knew that he didn't mean to offend anyone. The issue was complicated by religion for him in a way that I couldn't even fathom, but most importantly, it broke my heart. We were still celebrating #lovewins and same-sex marriage and he simply couldn't understand. This video is my response. Pure, simple love fighting to stay alive in a world full of judgment.”

With Kopshy providing keys and vocals, “Beguiled” also features bandmates Shirley Johnson on drums, Dan Johnson on guitar, and Kate Austin on backup vocals, plus additional support from Jeff Simonson on organ and Sam Hallam on bass.

Watch the video for "Beguiled" below and then celebrate the release of 'Long Time Waiting' with Stoneface Honey at The Secret Society on Friday, November 4 as part of the 10th annual Siren Nation Music and Arts Festival.

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