Spookies Bring Halloween to The Banana Stand with 'Hell Is On The Way' [Video Premiere]

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Happy Halloween from Spookies and Banana Stand Media!

While Spookies may have visited The Stand way back in February, they were planning for the future. With their namesake holiday just a mere eight months away, the band asked The Banana Stand if they could throw the first Halloween party of 2014. Needless to say, The Stand happily obliged and broke out a few of their own costumes while encouraging audience members to do the same.

Now just in time for your ghoulish festivities, Spookies' Live From The Banana Stand—bursting with monstrous lo-fi pop and a raw, fuzzy warmth that only comes from rocking a basement while the rain pours down outside—is available in The Stand's pay-what-you-want store.

Speaking of a gloriously sweaty basement during a drizzly winter, the band themselves dressed the part and drummer Colin Anderson stayed more than toasty during "Hell Is On The Way," enduring the fierce heat of his wolf mask for the entirety of the song—all of which you can witness in the vid premiere above.

Featuring multiple members (including Mayhaw Hoons on vox/guitar and Jeff Lehman on guitar) of the beloved Shaky Hands, guitarist Alex Arrowsmith even served as mixing engineer for this live recording of hooky, two- to three-minute indie rock jams, which also includes other eerie track titles like "Ouija" and "Haunted House on Creepy Street" as well as Nightmaren Couch on bass.

Get Halloweeny with Spookies Live From The Banana Stand!

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