Slow Corpse: 'Blooming' [Song Premiere]

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Cold weather be damned. Slow Corpse brings some springtime warmth with a new single from a new record, out on Tender Loving Empire. Catch them at the Doug Fir on April 26.

Slow Corpse’s single "Blooming" is a modern-day slow jam. It’s also the first track from their forthcoming LP, Fables, and their debut release as a part of Tender Loving Empire. On May 4, you’ll be able to listen in whatever format you deem fit: digital, vinyl, CD or cassette. Fables blends the atmospheric EDM aesthetic of Mitchell Winters with the blues guitar sensibilities of Brenton Clarke. What results is something between dream pop and R&B, with a groove that will have you ready to hit the dance floor.

Clarke and Winters found each other in a tale as old as time: a good old-fashioned jam session. Having known one another since high school, their musical chemistry was instantly apparent. “Brenton showed me a riff, I sang a little melody over it,” Winters remembers. “Then we stared into each other’s eyes and simultaneously said, ‘Let’s make song babies.’ It’s been going ever since.”

The band’s ability to capture a sense of creative synergy comes through clearly throughout this album. Since releasing their first two EPs independently, they rounded out their sound by adding multi-instrumentalist Cole Zollinger (bass), hip-hop producer Dash Curtis (keys) and Kelvin Underwood (drums). Soon, their stellar live show had the band opening for The Decemberists, Fitz and the Tantrums and Paul Wall, among others. It wasn’t long before they caught the eye of Tender Loving Empire, and they were ready to take the next step in their creative journey.

Though the record paints a portrait of a “post-millennial 20-something,” Winters hopes to create an escape, rather than make a statement. “People don’t need a message from the record,” Winters says. “I just want people to come to our shows and dance with me.”

You can do just that on Thursday, April 26 at the Doug Fir Lounge as part of their Oregon tour. And if you want to keep the dance moves coming, preorder the album here.

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