Sessions From The Box: Dungen Live from The Hallowed Halls

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Listen to an exclusive live session and interview with Sweden's Dungen now and then tune in to Sessions From The Box on every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm.

Illustration by Mandy Newham-CobbIllustration by Mandy Newham-CobbDungen. A band who is oft mispronounced. I was guilty of the same transgression until the day of the session at the delightful Hallowed Halls studios. Turns out that if you say "onion" with a "d" at the start, you're pretty close.

Allas Sak is the new album by this Swedish band, out on Mexican Summer. Gustav Ejstes, the mastermind behind this psychedelically progressive band, tells me the record's name "means 'everyone's thing' in English, kind of, and it's some kind of idea about how the music is yours if you want it; if you like the songs, it's your songs. As soon as the songs are written and recorded and put out on a record, it's no longer just my, or our music, it's like everyone who wants it."

The band recently put out a truly glorious throwback video for their song "Franks Kaktus"—watch below. Ejstes explains, "In Sweden, we have this tradition of cafe programs like some kind of family programs where you have a little bit of entertainment and interesting interviews, and that was my childhood. In Sweden, in the countryside at least, we had two public service TV channels, that's it. I have some love and hate for that—we wanted to create one of those programs."

Reine Fiske, guitarist, continues, "People here in the States seem to refer to it as a public access show."

Check out the exclusive session and interview recorded at The Hallowed Halls below and listen to Sessions From The Box on every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm at 107.1 FM and 91.1 FM.

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