Quiet Type: 'Fugitive' [Song Premiere]

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A vibrant, danceable earworm, listen to the glistening debut single from the new PDX pop duo and then get acquainted with them live at The Secret Society on February 26.

Celebrate Quiet Type's debut single on February 26 at The Secret SocietyCelebrate Quiet Type's debut single on February 26 at The Secret Society“I used to demo everything on my phone in my apartment because I figured if Lee thought it sounded good on something that crummy and lo-fi, it must be a keeper,” says Quiet Type’s primary songwriter Bobby Seus. “This was one of those tracks.”

Seus and singer Lee Barbara “worked out verse progressions and melodies in the studio and threw a demo together. I think we both expected to be more excited about it than we ended up being, but that happens sometimes," Seus explains. "So we just left it alone for a few months. About six months later, Lee started experimenting with it again in his home studio, and ended up bringing it back to life by injecting this super-infectious, four-on-the-floor, disco feel. When he sent me the updated demo, I knew we were onto something.

“The new disco feel of ‘Fugitive’ actually inspired the new lyrical direction too. [Our] new demo was a little edgier and definitely more fun, so I tried to write a story about a lover who commits a kind of romantic homicide against the protagonist. Bright chords, and a fun beat, set against some pretty dark themes, which actually turned out to be a consistent thread for the whole record. Not sure what that says about us as artists, or as people, but there it is,” Seus sums up.

The vibrant, danceable earworm is the debut, self-released single from the brand new PDX pop duo, one that glistens with slick guitar and synth riffs alongside Barbara’s boy-next-door croon. It’s instantaneously happy yet simultaneously melancholy.

Although the track went through several stages and revisions, “In September of 2014, we took the track to Type Foundry Recording Studio in Portland to record with producer John Askew,” who Barbara credits “with giving the vitality to the final studio recording that we knew was there all along.”

Even though “Fugitive” is just your first taste of Quiet Type, the pair look to sustain their indelible aptitude with another “single in the next couple months,” they say. “Then, at the beginning of June, we’ll be releasing our first full-length record: Times Are Strange. It’s a 12-song LP that we’ve spent the last few years writing and recording, and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.”

Until then, get acquainted with Quiet Type at The Secret Society on Friday, February 26 when they celebrate the release their first single (listen below) with La Rivera, DJ Klavical and Goldfoot.

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