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Ceaseless supporters of #PDXmusic, this week's mixtape comes courtesy of The Stand's Aaron Colter and features entries from Radiation City, TxE and Hustle and Drone in advance of the Portland State of Mind concert on October 18. Leave a comment for your chance to win a pair of tickets!

The super-secret lair where the record-making magic happensThe super-secret lair where the record-making magic happens

Banana Stand Media co-founder and #PDXmusic maven Aaron Colter brings us this week's mixtape bursting with Portland-made tunes. And while The Banana Stand team records some spectacular live performances themselves in their super-secret venue, Colter said he'd simply like to share some "studio tracks of our favorite local artists."

Consistently seeking to make sure everyone in the Portland scene is represented, Banana Stand Media also curated the upcoming annual Portland State of Mind concert in celebration of the arrival of new students as well as the start of classes at PSU. As reflected in this playlist, this year's lineup features bossa nova babes Radiation City, PRTLND hip-hop crew TxE (featuring emcees Tope and Epp backed by beatsmith G_Force) and up-and-coming synthy rockers Hustle and Drone. Catch 'em all live—alongside DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid, Portland's finest purveyors of Bollywood, bhangra and global bass music—on Saturday, October 18. You can even win tickets by leaving a comment below!

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