Melville: 'Heart' [Song Premiere]

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In advance of the band's June 27 single release show with Bed. and Beach Fire at the Alberta Street Pub, Melville debuts a new track.

Like many bands in town, Melville is continually on the never-ending road to another record. It's a journey, though.

Back in December, Melville headed into the studio with "local sound rustler" Gregg Williams (known for his work with Blitzen Trapper, The Dandy Warhols and Sheryl Crow as well as being a member of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame) and emerged with two fully mixed and mastered tracks—the first sounds of what will be the band's debut full-length album.

"All told, we actually recorded 13 tracks that are now in varying stages of the recording process," says lead singer and guitarist Ryan T. Jacobs. "Now we're just trying to figure out how to finish them up or waiting for a money tree to sprout in one of our backyards," he jokes.

Yet, having all of this new music in their hip pocket has given them a chance to play it in front of crowds, including "road testing it during our time at SXSW, where we spent a week playing shows around town leading up to The Portland Party."

Poster design by Showdeer—click to find out more about the artistPoster design by Showdeer—click to find out more about the artist"Heart" is the first single off of the album in progress and it's "about breakup town, population one," Jacobs says.

While he jokes that "I've found a topic that no songwriter, novelist or artist has ever touched on before, it can definitely be applied to other realms of life too. In its essence, the song is about knowing in your mind that something is over and knowing that a situation isn't the best thing for you, but still wanting that person or thing and not fully understanding why your heart hasn't caught up with the logical, cerebral part of you."

Balancing urgency and emotional tension, everyone in attendance at the band's single release show on Saturday, June 27 at the Alberta Street Pub—presented by Vortex—will get a free download card for the song.

Until then, tune into Portland Radio Project (at 99.1 FM or online) on June 23 at noon for a live in-studio solo performance from Jacobs, and then don't miss Melville's American rock and roll alongside Bed.'s dreary guy-girl pop and soulful, danceable tunes from Beach Fire on June 27 at the Alberta Street Pub.

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