Korgy & Bass: 'Training Day' [Video Premiere]

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Full of samplers, synths and drums, what are these guys actually playing live? Korgy & Bass drop a new vid aiming to show you just what they do. Catch them at the Alberta Street Pub on October 21.

Collage by DYSK PhotographyCollage by DYSK PhotographyAfter dropping their debut two-track EP on Cavity Search Records back in June, Korgy & Bass (drummer Barra Brown and bassist Alex Meltzer) have continued to experiment with samplers and synthesizers making hip-hop beats and playing around in the studio.

Wanting to give audiences a little visual insight into their process and how they actually play their music, Korgy & Bass are back with a new track, "Training Day," and it comes paired with a video made by Brown.

Click here to listen to the duo's debut 'EP Vol. I,' which dropped June 24 on Cavity Search RecordsClick here to listen to the duo's debut 'EP Vol. I,' which dropped June 24 on Cavity Search Records"Because sampled music is so studio based, it's hard to tell what we are actually playing unless you see the band in a live context," Brown says. Setting up a some cameras in Brown's studio space, "We really wanted to show what the two of us are actually playing. What you are seeing is essentially a mix of our live show and studio recording process."

"The idea for the song started with the train bells," Brown continues. "Alex takes the MAX to work everyday and noticed that the bell's pattern at the station was a cool, odd-metered rhythm, and thought it would make a good basis for the phrasing of the song. He recorded it and created the sample that appears in the track. We chopped up a classical piano piece and an old soul record to create the melodic material and added a little bass and some drum smashing."

As for what's next: "We have lots of new material in the works for an upcoming full-length release," Brown says. "We've got a single finished featuring Catherine Feeny and Dusty Fox of Two Planets."

While Korgy & Bass continue to work on their debut full-length, you can catch them live at the Alberta Street Pub on Friday, October 21.

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