Kingsley: 'Ghost' [Song Premiere]

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New to town, the poppy R&B vocalist serves up her first catchy cut while readying more for your ears in the coming months. Finding support alongside other female songwriters in the local scene, catch Kingsley celebrating this release at a house show with Haley Johnsen on November 17.

R&B-inflected pop singer-songwriter Kingsley made the jump from Chi-Town to P-Town a year and a half ago. A week after graduating from Northern Illinois University, she followed a romantic relationship out west (it didn't work out but don't stress, it was for the best) and found a fresh love for making music and being a part of the local music scene.

After landing a job as an artist liaison for The Old Church concert hall, she "dove right back into the music world," Kingsley says. Her new single "Ghost" is a fresh debut for her and "my first single released since 2011!" she exclaims.

Celebrate the release of Kingsley's new single "Ghost"—listen below!—at a house show on Friday, November 17Celebrate the release of Kingsley's new single "Ghost"—listen below!—at a house show on Friday, November 17“'Ghost' was written because of a stupid boy (of course) who left my life just as quick as he came," she explains. "Ghosting is a slang term used when someone disappears from your life suddenly, [no longer] texting and calling every day like they used to, for no reason at all. It’s a haunting feeling being left in the dark, something lots of people can relate to. I just hope the ghoster I wrote this about hears me loud and clear... I found another!

Recorded in SE Portland, Kingsley's newfound music community provided support to create this song. Co-written by Ashley Kervabon (aka Ashley Xtina), "Ghost" also features production by Jack Kennedy of Zarr Studios and backup vocals by rising Portland pop-folk singer Laryssa Birdseye.

"This track is only the start!" Kingsley proclaims. "I plan on releasing my EP one single at a time over the course of the next few months. This EP is a project of the collections of amazing, talented Portland musicians and I am so very excited to share it with the world."

Keeping in the collaborative spirit, Kingsley will celebrate the single's release at a house show (2343 SE Oak St.) on Friday, November 17 with Haley Johnsen and Shae Altered opening.

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