Just People: 'Iron Love' [Video Premiere]

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An internal struggle to balance good and evil is at work within all of us. Just People's "Iron Love" explores and exalts this "uncontainable spirit and drive that keeps us all moving forward" as the band adventurously searches their own souls as well as their sound.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, "Iron Love" is a soulful rocker that doesn't waste any time getting started. Fitting snugly within the soul rock canon of Just People's repertoire, the new video for the Portland five-piece's latest offering builds in intensity and sensuality right on cue with the music and lyrics.

In both song and video, "'Iron Love' is a depiction of the internal struggle that one faces to achieve balance in their lives and the impact that love can have in the process," writes lead singer Scott Gilmore. "The chess game is the vehicle used to show that internal battle for balance, or the work that someone must put in to merge their dark and light sides."

Gilmore's lyrics echo these sentiments:

"I have my reasons for guarding my loving, I have my reasons for being alone. But one of these days, they're going all up and fade away. And I'll come back, for mine."

"The video reflects that inner process but also the realization that at some point the two sides will become one," Gilmore sums up. Staring a good and evil Tim Shroyer as well as the liberating Ani Larson, the video was produced by AJ Ramadan of Ramadan Productions and edited and filmed by Zach Brown of Flipt Frame. 

In actuality, the studio version (recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound) clocks in at 80 seconds longer than the above, and you can grab it—paying what you want—from the band's website.

Set to hit the road heading south later this month, Just People's 14-date Iron Love Tour will wrap up in Portland on Friday, November 14 with the band opening for the legendary NOLA funkateers Rebirth Brass Band at Dante's where you can assuredly hear them performing songs off their 2013 full-length Light/Weight—like the below.

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