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What are you running from? Songwriter Matt Sheehy provides insight into “Feed The Fever” from the band's new record, 'Medallion,' which they'll celebrate at Mississippi Studios on February 27. Photos by Anthony Pidgeon

Vortex cover stars—click to read more stories from the issueVortex cover stars—click to read more stories from the issueToday is the day, and needless to say, Vortex is excited. Lost Lander's spectacular second record Medallion is officially unleashed and you can personally pick up a copy direct from the band tonight at Music Millennium when they perform a special acoustic set starting at 6pm.

The band's "buoyant brand of meticulously crafted pop" (as we wrote in our cover story Describing The Indescribable) is no better exemplified than by "Feed The Fever." We also mentioned that "the album conveys darker themes brightened by brilliant, modernized ’80s pop," and this trait is undeniably illustrated by the inspiration behind the below track: Edward Snowden.

"I listened to his long-form interview—the whole hour and half—and every time he would say a couple of words together that sort of popped out, I'd write it down so I had this huge list of little quotes. A lot of the lyrics in that song are me describing a couple of his words," singer Matt Sheehy explains. "I wrote the chorus before the interview, but the verses are sort of a fictionalized version of his life. It's supposed to be someone that's giving up his life for an ideal and then running."

Now, run down to Music Millennium this evening, or over to Mississippi Studios on Friday, February 27 when the band celebrates the record's release with a special duo performance by Radiation City and Sama Dams.

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