Gold Casio and Coco Columbia Join Glittery Forces on 'Gold Mine' [Song Premiere]

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Get a dose of psychedelic disco when two of Portland's best new artists collaborate—and don't miss them share the Mississippi Studios stage on April 6. Plus, Gold Casio has another all-ages evening full of electropop booked at Lola's Room on April 26.

Based on the strength of a sparkle-filled PDX Pop Now! performance last summer and a sneak listen to some new music from an impending release (it's an EP called Fever Dreams but that's all we can say!), we named Gold Casio one of our Artists to Watch at the end of 2016.

With 2017 steadily flying by, we're more than excited to see a fresh collaboration with yet another Vortex fave now seeing the light of day. Like many gilded objects in the life of Gold Casio, "The origins of this track date back to the time a golden harpsichord materialized out of stardust (literal stardust, not the Willie Nelson record), descended from the heavens and appeared in our studio," describes guitarist Forrest Grenfell of the celestial inception of "Gold Mine." "We interpreted the inscriptions on the instrument and then, using a cassette tape of Japanese disco hits from the future and having several margaritas each, we created the instrumental. We then passed it off ceremoniously to Coco Columbia, who, as always, used deep and mysterious cosmic magic to develop lyrics and melody from the ether."

Recording all of their danceable disco pop inside the communal space where they live—SE Portland's Funky Church—much of Gold Casio's forthcoming music was conceived some two years ago, but it's changed shape in the time since.

"We’re not sure if we wrote it or if it wrote us but one thing is certain: It was passed down through the ages and ended up in our hands," Grenfell says. "We were fortunate to collaborate with some awesome, creative people in the writing process but at this point it is all our own, baby."

While we wait for more sounds from 'Fever Dreams,' you can experience this gold-shrouded extravaganza yourself when Gold Casio and Coco Columbia co-headline Mississippi Studios, with a little help from Kulululu, on Thursday, April 6. Then, do not miss them sharing the stage with up-and-coming electropoppers Fringe Class and Pleasure Curses when KPSU throws down at Lola's Room inside the Crystal on Wednesday, April 26—this one's all ages!

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