DoublePlusGood: 'I Can't Get Things Right' [Song Premiere]

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Erik Carlson takes a somber turn with his latest set of slow jams. Celebrate the release of DPG's new EP at Mississippi Studios on August 4.

Often known for his buoyant electropop and shimmering layers of production, Erik Carlson gets especially croony on his new four-song EP Like A Fire. His fifth overall release as DoublePlusGood, Like A Fire is "the first in a series of releases that I'm planning to do which will break from the full-length format for DPG," Carlson says. "I have a whole slew of material ready to release next year and beyond, but I've really fallen in love with these shorter format releases."

This current four-song cycle follows an ill-fated affair between the protagonist and an unattainable man. Due out on August 4 on Carlson's own imprint SoHiTek Records, the track "I Can't Get Things Right" is about "a man who is having a slew of one-night stands while in the midst of an affair with a man who is engaged to a woman," Carlson describes. "The song's basically about just being attracted to what you can't have." It's also "the penultimate song before the protagonist wises up and leaves the dance."

Recorded by Jeff Bond at The Secret Society's studio, the EP is "totally not autobiographical," Carlson laughs, but "the whole scope of the EP is sort of about learning to accept what's in your limits, and was almost more of an allegory about what to expect when pursuing a life as an artist."

Celebrate this artist and his new EP at Mississippi Studios on Thursday, August 4 with support from Yaquina Bay and Sunbathe.

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