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Recommended if you like Badfinger, Sloan or The Parson Red Heads, don't miss Daystar celebrating the release of their debut LP 'The Complete Recordings' at Bunk Bar with The Resolectrics and Maurice and the Stiff Sisters on October 19.

Photo by Joshua James HuffPhoto by Joshua James HuffRock and roll ain’t what it used to be, but every once in a while a song or a record or a band comes along to remind us why we love it and what we love about it.

The infectious rock of Daystar is designed to do just that. An unabashed throwback, Daystar—with their rootsy, jangly guitar riffs and pining croon—take you on an upbeat “best of” ride through the history of power pop on their debut record The Complete Recordings.

Singer-songwriter Derek Phillips displays a deft handle at the controls. His sweet, slightly strained vocals pour nicely over a bed of catchy four-chord melodies reminiscent of bands like Faces, The Move, Big Star and the best of ’90s Brit pop.

“Right at Home” sets the tone from the top. With its thumping floor tom and introductory power chords, it’s an arresting album opener meant to get the blood pumping. The songs that follow shift, whirl, crest and crash like waves before the warm ballad “Warped Reality” (watch the video below) brings the A side to a close.

The record gets a little more musically ambitious as things move along, but Daystar manages to evoke a sunny optimism even when the mood gets serious. For rock and roll fans dreading the coming winter darkness, this is a record to keep in your pocket. The Complete Recordings is like a blast of vitamin D to help ward off the gathering gloom.

Celebrate the release of Daystar's 'The Complete Recordings' on Saturday, October 19 at Bunk Bar with The Resolectrics and Maurice and the Stiff Sisters.

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