Dan Cable Presents: My Body Live from The Hallowed Halls [Video Premiere]

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Watch Portland’s My Body perform “Hot Like The Room” plus listen to the entire live session and interview with Dan Cable—and then subscribe to the podcast to hear new episodes every Friday.

Photo by Jeremy HernandezPhoto by Jeremy HernandezMy Body creates a world through sonic landscapes that are inviting and easy to find yourself lost in, but also offers twists and turns that keep you as a listener engaged and curious to know where the next layer of production will land. The dreamy synth pop productions are masterminded by singer, composer, multi instrumentalist—and now producer—Jordan Bagnall.

The piano and string player turned producer was enamored with classical music as a child, but she didn’t take a strong interest in pop music until she was in her late teens. Once she did, she became intrigued by the process of creating big productions and started seeing compositions more through a producer's lense, rather than just as a musician or songwriter.

“I feel like producing for me is this weird amalgamation of different things I've tried to make, and like stealing beats, and different chunks of songs from different things, it's kind of collage-y, it's all just sort of what magically works.”

Don’t let that fool you into thinking her instrumental skills do not lend themselves to this project, though: Bagnall's piano skills are all over her production, and the keys are still a writing tool and the anchor instrument in the most recent evolution of the My Body live show. But it is Bagnall’s ear for music and her desire to not only write catchy hooks, but also to produce music that is interesting to her personally, that seems to make her productions stick out.

There is an undeniable feel to the tracks, and a big part of it is the percussion, the placement of drums throughout the tunes. What makes this especially impressive is that Bagnall is not a drummer herself, and also finds that part of the process to be most daunting and frustrating part of production. The butter to all the percussion magic is Bagnall’s dynamic voice, used not only as a narrative tool for the songs, but also as another layer to the production and the gateway for gripping listeners from the get go.

At one time, Bagnall found there was a lack of female producers in the world, and now she's doing her part to fill the gap as a producer that others can look to for inspiration. My Body should be essential listening for fans of Sylvan Esso, Tegan and Sara and Phantogram.


I Use To Be
Hot Like The Room

Check out the live video for “Hot Like The Room” below—plus hear the entire live session and interview—and get more Dan Cable Presents every Friday by subscribing via iTunes.

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