Brownish Black: 'Fight It' [Song Premiere]

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Try this energetic, anti-love song on for size and then celebrate the release of Brownish Black's debut record at the Goodfoot on June 11.

With the seriously soulful octet's debut album so close you can taste it, just know Brownish Black are a force to be reckoned with. And while Life Lessons is due out in exactly one week on June 16 via Portland's Breakup Records, you can feel their powerful presence in the most intimate of settings as they celebrate the record's release at the Goodfoot on Thursday, June 11 with dark soul rockers Thanks.

To get you in the mood for a sweaty night of garage soul, band leader MD Sharbatz will whet your appetite with "an anti-love song."

"Fight It" is "about freedom and independence and trying hard to resist emotional attachment," he explains. "It's also a fantasy because that's damn near impossible. It's a protest song about living life against the expectations of others, which is very easy: You just have to be pissed and speak your mind. Also, the song is not gender specific. There's always more freedom to take back."

While the band will surely be expressing themselves freely and speaking their minds on June 11 at the Goodfoot, there'll certainly be plenty of love to go around so go on and get yours on the dancefloor!

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