Bocha: 'Blang' [Video Premiere]

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Have some freaky, funky, fresh fun with Bocha's new cut, featuring production by Sxlxmxn and visuals by Riley Brown.

Bocha is a trickster who deserves to be taken seriously. He’s been working on a new batch of material, his follow-up to 2016’s Yet and the 2017 Garden Boys EP, which he put out with local rapper Donte Thomas, and is here to drop his new track “Blang” as a music video.

“When Sxlxmxn sent me a few beats for our project coming in the near future, this beat really stood out to me,” Bocha explains of how the track came together. “Gave me kind of a Chuck Inglish vibe from back in the day. For some reason, I just kept hearing the ‘chain on blang ho, wrist on froze’ in my head, so I began to build a concept around that.”

The earworm of a beat must have really fused with his mind while tickling the imagination because he elaborates: “It took me about an hour to write the song. I just thought of all the ways I could gas myself up while also showing how much fun I’ve been having with my music.”

Absolutely no time was wasted after the writing was finished. “I recorded and engineered the song myself and immediately sent it to my guy Riley Brown. I felt like he would capture the aesthetic of the song perfectly, and he did! Definitely some of the most fun I’ve had filming a video,” Bocha proclaims.

This merry romp of a video takes a pinch of freak from Odd Future, plus a little Death Row whip riding, and is topped off with some mischief in the woods—in good Stumptown fashion—all without taking itself too seriously. Of course, this silly hyperbole would not be possible without being built on a core of good writing and songcraft.

With production by Sxlxmxn and video direction by Riley Brown, enjoy the fun and playfulness of Bocha’s world for yourself below.

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