Atlas and the Astronaut: 'Megatropolis' [Song Premiere]

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With a new concept album due out in 2017, hear the first heavy installment from the Vancouver quartet’s audacious sci-fi love story now.

November 25 marks two years to the day since Atlas and the Astronaut released their debut, full-length record, Tiny Artifacts. And while the Vancouver-based, metallic prog rockers are not quite ready to drop their sophomore follow up, the four-piece do have Marigold’s first screeching single ready for your ears, which will be officially released via their Bandcamp on Black Friday.

First things first though: “The upcoming record, Marigold, is a concept album centered around a love story between two individuals that, due to status, rank and societal norms, are not supposed to fall in love. It's a Romeo and Romeo-inspired sci-fi story,” describes Atlas and the Astronaut singer Beau Rosser. “‘Megatropolis’ is the city in which the story takes place and the song's narrative is from the viewpoint of Hikage, Marigold's main protagonist. It's a loud, dense and space rock-inspired tale.”

While the entire tale is not ready for release just yet, the band continues to self-record the record’s other 11 tracks at their home studio, Red Leaves, Read Leaves in Vancouver, with post help coming from Ben Spees of the Portland band Mercury Tree providing mixing and Brad Boatright of Audioseige handling the mastering.

Listen to the high-octane “Megatropolis” below and ready yourself for the 2017 release of ‘Marigold’ to hear the rest of the story.

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