Adelaide: 'Calyx' [Video Premiere]

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Protecting herself from herself, self-portrait artist Meredith Adelaide makes her first foray into music with one half of Mackintosh Braun at her side—and some requisite visuals.

Artist and photographer Meredith Adelaide has been experimenting with self-portraiture and posting her beautiful, intriguing and sometimes seductive results to Instagram since 2012. Some 30,000 followers have taken notice and her photographic posts receive hundreds of likes. Now, the self-proclaimed art-vagrant, who regularly spends time in Portland while also traveling around the country, has teamed up with Ben Braun, one half of Mackintosh Braun, to continue to explore “the gamut of creative mediums, inserting myself and documenting my experience throughout my physical, mental and audible spaces,” she describes.

Recording under Adelaide, the model, actor and now singer-songwriter is “more than thrilled to premiere” her new solo music venture, a glitchy-yet-soothing electronic cut that, naturally, comes coupled with some engrossing visuals.

As a self-photographer, Adelaide is comfortable as a subject in front of the camera, but as she looks to expose herself sonically, “I want to have a very pointed intention about where I'm coming from,” she explains. “Visuals are really integral to my output.”

“Calyx” is “my process to a beat”—where Adelaide has written her own lyrics, melody and harmonies and Braun has provided a backing track that sounds “electronic but was made with primarily sampled real sounds,” she says. Upon first listen, “I didn't even realize. I flipped when he told me.”

The beginnings of this new musical endeavor is “me talking to myself,” she explains. “All we are are just projections of ourselves, and this year has been huge for me in restructuring my mindset—ejecting outdated, outside projections of me, and being personally accountable. I'm creating the world I want to live in. This song has elements of the tools I learned so whenever in the future I slump into myself, I can have something to look back on and pull me out of it like: ‘Hey, Meredith! Look! There’s you—remember that part?’ Basically, I'm trying to protect myself from myself,” she laughs.

Enjoy your first (somewhat NSFW) multimedia offering from Adelaide below and then explore her Instagram where you can discover a hidden Easter egg—a darker self-portrait music video that she plans to release publicly once she hits 33,300 followers. Then look for an XXX-rated, self-directed and -shot music video followed by her solo EP, most of which will be accompanied by fresh visuals.

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