Acoustic Minds: 'Empire' [New Song]

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With the Force on their side, the soulful EDM foursome are ready to release and celebrate their latest single on May 4 at the Doug Fir: May The Fourth Be With You.

Of all the members of Acoustic Minds, Jenni Price and Josh Lorenzen are probably the least likely to be known for a love of Star Wars, but they obviously understand the hype and the song-inspiring power of the Force. Around the time Episode VII: The Force Awakens came out, Price was talking to her twin sister and bandmate, Amanda, about the movie. Not long after that, Price and Lorenzen got together one night and started thinking about this “space bass Egyptian goddess,” strong and dangerous, just trying to grow her power. These two separate incidents gave rise to “Empire,” the band’s latest single, slated for an oh-so-fitting May the Fourth release.

The words were adapted to the grimy bass, and after a few passes they had the first verse and hook. It was later that singer/keyboardist Aaron Altemose and Lorenzen started playing with melodies and lyric ideas and brought them to Price for the second verse. The song invites listeners to "come to the Dark Side," but offers humorous lyrical puns and intentionally lighthearted Egyptian hooks to maintain galactic balance. The tune itself has a mysterious and powerful tone, but is blended with an easily accessible, lighter sound—a tribute to the essential Force that resides in all of us. Incredibly catchy, “Empire” was mastered by Darkart, who has also mastered big-name acts including Diplo and Jack Ü.

Acoustic Minds are set to play their new unreleased album in its entirety at their May The Fourth Be With You event at the Doug Fir Lounge on Wednesday, May 4. An advance purchase ticket is accompanied by a free download of “Empire.”

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