super-Earth at The Secret Society on April, 30 2014

Performing under the potentially temporary moniker super-Earth, the verifiable Northwest supergroup was so fresh when they debuted during two nights at The Secret Society in April that lead singer Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) had lyric sheets on a nearby music stand. Rounded out by Kurt Bloch (ex-Fastbacks), Bill Rieflin (Swans, Ministry), Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows), it’s since been revealed that Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic has spent time in the studio with the group.

Editor's Note: Last summer, we printed our Music & Food Issue but unfortunately never published much of the issue's content online. Better late than never, we believe there's still value in day-old bread so let's explore the intrinsic connections between the purveyors of fine food and drink in Portland and those who make the sweet sounds that fill our ears. Here's to all that our musicians and chefs are cooking... read more

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